Agents are specialists that you can use for espionage.

How do you employ agents?

The number of available agents at your castle depends both on the number and upgrade level of your taverns.

What advantages do you gain with your agents?

Agents allow you to spy on enemies before an attack to discover their defense (military espionage) or resources (economic espionage).

To spy on a robber baron castle or another castle lord’s castle, click on the enemy castle icon on the world map and select espionage from the ring menu.

The travel costs for espionage increase with the distance to be traveled on the world map, the number of agents deployed, and the mission risk.

How can you protect yourself against enemy agents?

City guards are a way to decrease the risk of enemy espionage. The number of city guards you have depends on the number and
level of your guardhouses.

Depending on accuracy and risk involved, a successful espionage mission will provide information on an enemy castle’s properties.
However, should this mission fail, the enemy castle lord will discover your attempted espionage.