Alliances are unions of castle lords in Goodgame Empire.

How can you benefit from an alliance membership?

  • Mutual support by dispatching units and resources
  • Protection through pacts with other alliances
  • An alliance chat and an alliance notice board
  • Planning and fighting battles together
  • Bonuses from upgrading the alliance
  • An alliance smithy

How can you join an alliance?

You can join an alliance by sending a membership request. Alternatively, you can contact its leader or one of the deputies, generals, or sergeants and request an invitation to the alliance.
Open alliances can be joined immediately without sending a request

When can you found your own alliance?

You can found your own alliance once you have the required resources.

Which ranks are there in an alliance?

  • Leader: full rights
  • Deputy: membership management, mass messages, announcements, alliance upgrades, diplomacy, rank allocation
  • Generals: membership management, mass messages, announcements, alliance upgrades, diplomacy (The rank of general includes: general, recruiter, diplomat. treasurer, war marshal)
  • Sergeant: membership management, mass messages, announcements
  • Member: no special rights