To attack a robber baron castle or another player’s castle, in the world map click on the enemy castle icon and select attack from the ring menu.

Your enemy’s castle is divided into a front and two flanks. Select one or more wall sections to attack, and station units and siege tools. From a higher level on up you can spread your attack over several waves of attacks.

It is always worth using espionage to find weaknesses in the defenses.

Troop movements

The time it takes for an army to travel from its point of origin to its target depends on the distance on the world map and the army’s travel speed.

The travel costs of an attack increase depending on the distance to be travelled and the size of your army. When armies march to a castle on the world map, they will be discovered by its castle lord as soon as they are within range.

Once you have defeated an enemy castle, your victorious units will begin to plunder the resources in the enemy’s camp. Each of
your units has its own plunder value, which determines how much plunder they can carry.

However, The Keep has a secure storage to protect some resources from being plundered by an enemy.

If you defeat another player in battle, you gain honor and rise in the general rankings.

Depending on the number of attackers, the buildings in a plundered castle will be damaged. This reduces the public order at that castle.