To defend your castle, click on one of your towers or on the military button to open the defense menu. Use the slider to set the distribution of units on all three wall sections.

You can also specify the ratio of melee and ranged soldiers deployed on each wall section.

Depending on the upgrade levels of your castle’s wall and gate, your units will receive an extra defense bonus. You can use defense tools to add even more defense.

The number of towers in your castle and their upgrade levels determine how many units can stand on the castle wall and benefit from the defense bonus.

Troop movements

The time it takes for an enemy army to travel from its point of origin to its target depends on the distance on the world map and the army’s travel speed.

If the enemy army is very close to your castle on the world map, its arrow turns red. Once this happens, you can see a more detailed formation of the units and siege tools and position your defense accordingly.

If you defeat the other castle lord‘s attack, you gain honor. However, if another castle lord defeats you in battle, you lose honor and fall in the general rankings.