The experience level shows your progress in the game and increases with experience points (XP).

How can you get experience polnts (XP) to level up?

  • By completing quests that have XP as a reward
  • By building and upgrading buildings
  • By fighting battles against robber baron castles
  • From honorable battles against castle lords of similar strength

What benefits do you get from leveling up?

How do I reach a legendary level?

  • When you reach experience level 70, you enter into legendary level 1
  • From this point on, you increase in legendary level instead of experience level.

How do I level up with legendary levels?

  • If you reach the legendary levels, you start to earn legendary experience points (XP) instead of experience points (XP).
  • Legendary experience points are displayed as a golden XP symbol on a silver background.
  • You receive the same benefits from reaching a new legendary level as you did with a new experience level, like new buildings, units, and other rewards.