Military hospital

The military hospital is a building that can be built in your castles. You can treat your wounded units here so that they can be
deployed again. This costs coins and takes a certain amount of time.

Units are not killed immediately in battles, but are initially only wounded. After the battle, they are brought back to the castle which had previously supplied them with food. There, they are admitted to the military hospital to wait for treatment. However, if the castle they return to does not have a military hospital or if the hospital has no more free space, the warriors will succumb to their wounds and die. Likewise, if you are low on food, your weakened units will be brought to your military hospital before they starve to death.

If strong units are brought to your military hospital, they will replace the weaker ones. This means that strong warriors will still be admitted even if there is no space left.

Remember to heal your units on a regular basis so that you don’t run out of space for them in the hospital and lose them forever. If you don’t want to treat certain units, you can just discharge them. Move your cursor to the unit type you want to remove and click on the trash can symbol. These units will then be
permanently lost.

You can increase the total space available for wounded units as well as the number of slots available for treating units by upgrading the military hospital to higher levels.

Wounded units can’t participate in battles, but they don’t need any food either. As soon as they’ve been healed, they are ready for battle and need to be provided with food again. Therefore you should remember to keep an eye on your food supply so your healed units don’t come close to starving and end up badc in the hospital again.