Resources are needed above all for building and upgrading buildings and producing tools.

What types of resources are there?

Ordinary resources available in every kingdom:

wood: produced by woodcutters  stone: produced in stone quarries food: produced in farmhouses

Kingdom resources can only be collected in the kingdom they belong to:

iron ore: produced in iron mines in the Great Empire charcoal: produced in charcoal burners in Everwinter Glacier olive oil: produced in olive groves in Burning Sands glass: produced in glass furnaces in Fire Peaks

Players with legendary levels can also loot these resources in other kingdoms after successful battles.

In addition, you can exchange and trade resources with other castle lords. Your trade partner needs to unlock these resources first. They don’t need to have a castle in the same kingdom. They only need to have the appropriate experience level.

Only a certain number of production buildings can run at full workload in each castle. You can see how many production buildings can run at full workload in a castle by hovering your cursor over the fields, forest, and rocks next to your castle. If this is exceeded, the productivity of each new production building
decreases. The production buildings with the highest basic production will always be among those running at full workload.
For example, if you upgrade a production building to a higher level or replace it with a better one, it automatically runs at full workload.

The storehouse’s capacity determines how many resources of one type can be stored there.