Units & tools

Units & tools are intended for attacking and looting, as well as for the defense of your castle.

What unit types are there?

Each unit is ideally suited for a particular role, either attacking or defending. A distinction is also made between melee and ranged units.

How can you recruit units?

Units are recruited at the barracks. To recruit units, you will need coins.

Always make sure that you have plenty of food to feed your troops. Units consume food regularly, and will starve as soon as your supply has been depleted. If you own a military hospital, some of your fallen or starved units can be healed there.

Keep an eye on your military hospital’s capacity since once it is full, units who have fallen or starved will be lost!

Shadow mercenaries are a special type of unit who come to your castle to offer their services from time to time. They don’t consume any of your castle’s food supplies, and the defender will not discover who hired them.


Different types of tools are used for various purposes and in different areas in attacks and for defense.

Siege tools can be used when attacking an enemy castle, for example to reduce the defender’s wall or castle gate protection. You can assign defense tools to your castle walls or your castle gate to weaken enemy attacks.

How can you make tools?

Tools are produced in two military buildings: the defense workshop and the siege workshop. To produce tools, you need resources or rubies.

Attack and defense tools can only be used once in battle. 

When an outpost, village, or monument has been captured by an enemy player, all unassigned tools in the location will be returned to the previous owner’s tool storage in their main castle.